Topological condensed matter is currently one of the most active research fields in physics. The field has matured and broadened considerably in the past 5 years. There have been many exciting developments, in particular in the areas of classification of topological systems, topological quantum chemistry, non-equilibrium dynamics, new types of topological phases (e.g. fractons), higher dimensional topological order, and engineering of non-Abelian excitations. In addition, a huge push for creating quantum computers is underway, part of which involves topologically-based architectures.

This two-week event at Les Houches will provide a broad survey of these developments. It follows on from our four-week programme held in 2014. It takes a hybrid form, with longer lectures interspersed with shorter presentations of recent developments. It is
aimed at junior researchers, as well as interested newcomers at all levels.


Summer school organized by:

Claudio Chamon, Department of Physics, Boston University, USA
Nicolas Regnault, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris (ENS), Laboratoire de Physique, France
Roderich Moessner,  Max-Planck-Institut PKS, Dresden, Germany